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The Unusual Suspect DVD by Matthew Wright - DVD

The Unusual Suspect DVD by Matthew Wright - DVD£41.81   £15.99

Trade Secrets by Micheal Feldman - Tick

Trade Secrets by Micheal Feldman - Tick£23.26   £11.99

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Risk 4 by Rizki Nanda and Titanas - DVD

Risk 4 by Rizki Nanda and Titanas - DVD£27.91   £12.99

The Other Side Of Illusion Volume 1 by Henry Evans - DVD

The Other Side Of Illusion Volume 1 by Henry Evans - DVD£32.51   £13.99

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Magigotchi by Kev G

Magigotchi by Kev G
Our Price:  £84.99(Inc. 20% VAT)(£70.83 Exc. VAT)Earn 84 Loyalty Points



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"Kev G Does It Again! I Can't Put My Little Fella Down.” Steve Rowe

I want One Now!”  Kieron Johnson

​"Magigotchi connects with spectators of all ages, it's as baffling as it is fun to perform" Mark Traversoni


Magigotchi is your mind reading virtual pet.

​Have your spectator name a card by merely thinking of one or selecting a card from a deck, it's a free choice.

Introduce him and show he is asleep ......drop him to wake him up......but he's unhappy.... he's hungry.

The spectator feeds him food and drink by pressing his buttons and they are greeted with a smile.

He's still a bit reluctant so you ask them to give him a shake and then he proceeds to read their mind and devine the chosen card.

If that was not amazing enough there is a second phase.

Magigotchi's love their food, drink and to play, you show 4 of his friends and have them choose one of the things they like.

They never tell you what the item is but he tells them what they are thinking of.

·         Easy to learn routine.

·         Perform 1 or 2 phases independently with interactive sounds along the way.

·         Multi language options English (pre-loaded), French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

·         Customisable fascia picture with blank template provided (computer required with Photoshop or similar installed).

·         Instant reset.

·         No forces - free choices.

·         Customisation option (for extra cost) if you wish to change from playing cards and the objects provided.

·         Ready built Magigotchi, 4 friends cards, protective box and data cable included.

·         Online video tutorial.

​If you wish to change language, customise facias or do any future updates you will need a computer to make the changes.

If you have purchased Magigotchi then please click here for the tutorial: and enter the password.





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