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PeekSmith Two by Andras Barthazi and Benke Smith

PeekSmith Two by Andras Barthazi and Benke Smith
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What is PeekSmith?

PeekSmith is a small peeking device fits in a card box, can be finger palmed or hidden in all manner of places be approx 63mm x 16mm x 20mm in size.

Made for magicians it has a 128px x 32px monochrome LCD screen, that can display text and some simple graphics. It can connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth LE. The mobile device has to run a mobile app (iOS or Android) that has PeekSmith support. The built-in battery lasts for 6 hours (active usage) and can be charged via a micro USB port.

PeekSmith Two has all these features and adds a new vibration engine as well.

Supported Apps (at the time of listing this item on our website 11/02/2021)

PeekSmith currently has native BLE support for the following apps:
  • Calculon (by Benjamin Budzak)
  • CubeSmith (by Benke Smith)
  • iDeal (by Darryl Rose & Myke Phillips)
  • iTHUMP/Toxic+ (by Ian Pidgeon) * Bluetooth in-app purchase required
  • Novus (by Teguh)
  • PeekSmith (official free companion app)
  • Vision and Vision:Tricks (by Martin Eisele)
  • Kinetic Mental Dice (displays dice values when connected through the TimeSmith App)
  • TimeSmith (by Benke Smith)
  • Insight by Hugo Shelly (shows card values)

List of other magic apps that have a WEB-based PeekSmith support via URL polling:
  • Inject 2 (by Greg Rostami)
  • iUnlock Elite (WebApp by Badasha Khan & Myke Phillips)
  • PasscodeChecker (WebApp by Badasha Khan & Myke Phillips)
  • SCI (by Steven Ng)
  • SimpleDraw (by André De Mattos)
  • WikiTest (by Marc Kerstein) * Pro Tools required

More app support coming soon...

Here is the list of other magic apps that will have PeekSmith support soon:


  • DiceSmith (by Benke Smith)
  • Superhero Domino (by Benke Smith)
  • Mental Painter (by Benke Smith)
  • LockSmith (by Benke Smith)
  • ESP Test (by Benke Smith)
  • A.C.A.A.N. (by Benke Smith)
  • Card Detector (by Benke Smith)


 The PeekSmith companion app is FREE, but later it might get some features that would require an in-app purchase.