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InEGGsplicable 2.0 Card in Egg (Brown Egg Version) by Kieron Johnson & Mark Traversoni

InEGGsplicable 2.0 Card in Egg (Brown Egg Version) by Kieron Johnson & Mark Traversoni
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For years Mark has been striving for a practical simple hands-off method to have a card or bill / note produced from an egg.

​The original version of Ineggsplicable was for bill in egg but this involved using real money and many commented it was a lot of money to tie up in the trick.

Kieron Johnson then suggested Mark should use playing cards as he had solutions to certain problems when using them for this application. 

It was possible to put a card in the egg with the 1.0 version but it was not easy so Mark set about creating a method. 

We now have the solution and it's very easy to do.

Other existing methods are time consuming taking hours to prepare just 1 egg, or they are not hands-off at the end because the card is not in the egg.

Mark wanted the spectator to be 100% certain that the card was inside the egg, the egg is broken inside a plastic bag so there is no mess and no possible way of switching the card, the card really is inside the egg!

The method also had to be quick to set up to make it practical for the working pro who did not want to spend hours preparing, you can prepare a number of these ahead your performance each taking only a few minutes.

InEGGspicable provides all this and gives multiple ways to achieve the effect, you can flash produce the egg, non flash produce or have it sat in an egg cup from the very start of your performance.

Have a card selected, the corner is torn off and the card vanishes.

You announce the card is now under the card box, they lift the box but there is no card just a piece of paper. You light the paper to produce the card but instead you produce an egg!

You have failed so you put the egg in a bag so they can take it home safely!

It then crosses your mind that that should have been the card.

When the egg is broken the card is inside and the corner matches.

Magic does not get much stronger than this - producing an egg is totally unexpected but the card being actually in there is InEGGsplicable!

InEGGsplicable is a utility method for placing a card or bill/note or any other similar object inside an egg.

The uses for this method are truly only limited by your imagination- forget lemons and kiwi fruit do something really InEGGsplicable

• Easy to perform

• Brown and white egg versions available

• Suitable for all skill levels.

• Hands off reveal at the end.

• Online Video instructions.

• Reusable gimmicks or refills available.

• New 2.0 gimmick included.

Flash paper, plastic bags and cards not included.

The original 1.0 instructions for a bill /note in egg are also included.