BIAS PAD by Scott Alexander - Trick

BIAS PAD by Scott Alexander - Trick£92.98   £72.98

Dream Recurrence: Exuberance Playing Cards (Deluxe Edition)

Dream Recurrence: Exuberance Playing Cards (Deluxe Edition)£18.60   £10.23

The Step System Vol. 1 by Lee Smith and RSVP Magic - DVD

The Step System Vol. 1 by Lee Smith and RSVP Magic - DVD£32.56   £17.91

The Unusual Suspect DVD by Matthew Wright - DVD

The Unusual Suspect DVD by Matthew Wright - DVD£41.81   £19.99

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Axial Playing Cards

Axial Playing Cards
Axial Playing CardsAxial Playing CardsAxial Playing Cards
Axial Playing CardsAxial Playing CardsAxial Playing Cards
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Your main axis defines your life, your goals.

And you have secondary axes that will add beauty to your life.

Be careful and jump into those secondary axes - they will make your main axes richer.

This NOT A DECK - it allows you to create interaction wherever you are.

Talk to people, share ideas, feelings and emotions.

That's why we are here
  • Printed by Cartamundi in B9 finish (improved)
  • Premium relief matte tuck case
  • Full custom back and faces
  • Secret MARKING system to find a card in the deck
  • Additional cards: one introducing you to the artwork, one introducing you to the artist
  • Concept and original drawing by LineStory
  • Designed by Jules

Fascinated by living behaviors, Clémence Lerondeau had a revelation for painting during a dream two years ago. After a while, she left her job at Christian Dior to explore her new way of speaking and exhibits worldwide today. Her work has evolved, thanks to these experiences, instinct and the observation of light and nature. With more than 150 original works created since 2016, Clémence plays with emotions emanating from the shapes, colors and depths of her lines.

"My artistic project is based on the sensations that go through me, as well as the fascinating observation of living elements. The challenge in my work is to transcribe the impalpable emotion through almost mathematical and rigorous lines. I use wood as a support, which is, in my eyes, an organic and living material. The wood tells a story and gives off a warmth even before being painted. My artistic approach is also a connection between the history of matter and those of my geometries.

My collaboration with Not A is the result of a human connection. When you meet some people, sometimes, you know that something is going to happen. As my actual process is to follow my instinct, I knew in a second that Nicolas and I will do something together. NOT A _ is not a company, not an entity, and does not have an institutional process. It is human beings with their emotions, their creativity and the strong will to build a new way of processing whereby they put themselves together and elaborate objects with a soul. It is very fair as each person working at NOT A _ contributes with their own skills, their own personality. Being the first artist invited by NOT A _ is such an honor to me. I share with them this vision of having to fight to give to people, something connected to emotions, and the chance of living in a world where you can really find some beauty around you but also and most importantly, inside you. NOT A gave me exactly this and will continue to do it for many people."

- Clémence Lerondeau