Quidnunc Plus! by Paul Gordon - Trick

Quidnunc Plus! by Paul Gordon - Trick£28.13   £16.88

Around The World Mind Reading Deck

Around The World Mind Reading Deck£14.99   £11.99

LUCKO by Marvelous Effects - Trick

LUCKO by Marvelous Effects - Trick£18.60   £5.99

Green Dragon Playing Cards (Standard Edition) by Craig Maidment

Green Dragon Playing Cards (Standard Edition) by Craig Maidment£14.31   £7.15

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Bicycle Fantasy World Playing Cards by TCC

Bicycle Fantasy World Playing Cards by TCC
Bicycle Fantasy World Playing Cards by TCCBicycle Fantasy World Playing Cards by TCCBicycle Fantasy World Playing Cards by TCC
Bicycle Fantasy World Playing Cards by TCCBicycle Fantasy World Playing Cards by TCCBicycle Fantasy World Playing Cards by TCC
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Special Order Item, Usually 1- 3 working days for despatch depending on day of order. Download only items are processed the same working day.

LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

Printed by US Playing Card Company with legendary BicycleŽ paper and air-cushion finish. Limited to 2500.

There are at least 26 effects utilized the funniest multi-effect deck of cards.

Each of the 55 cards in this deck has a unique full-color painting.

The high quality and funny paintings combined with your imagination will allow you to produce countless stories about your favorite routines.

We also provide a tutorial that worth 20 dollars, for free!

Magic From This Deck

1. Time Machine

A time machine, can see the time flow and years pass by.
A withered tree, a broken mirror, an old man with countless experiences. If there is a time machine that exists, then we could be back to the past and give the tree a new life, make the broken mirror complete, bring the old man back to his childhood. And of course we could get to the future either, little life can also break into a butterfly.

2. Dialogue

A: Your card is Two of Spades, right?
B: No.
A: No? hmm...
A: I know why. I feel a little hungry so I need to eat something.
A: Popcorn, my favorite! then I can find your selection.


A snail, a magic wand, a balloon and a spoon.
If I have the power, you will see the spoon bent by itself.
I can blow up the balloon like this
Or snap the magic wand
Finally, with a little food, the snail appeared.
But if you have the power, you should understand what I am talking about.

4. Birthday Cake

A: Oops! It doesn't matter if the candle goes out.
A: Just touch the back of the card.
A: Now you can make a wish!

5. Sheep

I recently raised a sheep, just a blow, aha, a naked sheep!

6. Potato

When a potato starts to keep fit.

7. Sleeping Beauty

A sleeping beauty in the Fairy tales, but how to wake her up? When the moment the prince kisses her.
You can have a try.
Oh! you're the prince!

8. Mirror

A: Do you know about the mirror's features? We can see ourselves while looking at it.
A: Here we have a mirror, you can also see yourself.
B: A pig?
A: Don't look down upon yourself, do you remember what is your card?
B: Ace of Hearts
A: See? You found it by yourselves!

9. Three Dolls

Pick one of the three, which one is your favorite?
I know, I know, you want them all.

About Fantasy World

Watercolor style card case design, covered by large area luxuriant purple. And there is a cute sheep printed on the front of it which is the same design as one of the card faces that can be used to do a cute trick inside. Non-pips design, we replace it with various themes of cute paintings. Each group of these paintings may contain two or three cards for you to perform one of the effects. Of course, we filmed a tutorial that worth 20 dollars, free for you guys

Narrow border Bicycle Mandolin Back design with large area luxuriant purple. You could find lots of elements that you familiar with and It's another classical Bicycle playing cards with no doubt.

Fantasy World features:
  • Printed by USPCC
  • A tutorial video provided
  • Bicycle Mandolin Back design
  • Non-pips design
  • 55 cute paintings on the card Faces
  • Limited to 2500
  • Standard Poker size 88mm x 63mm
  • High quality paper
So many interesting things happened in Fantasy World.

Featuring beautiful backs, these decks are made in the USA by The United States Playing Card Company with quality stock and premium finish.

Come and get it!