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Harry Robson Instant Reset Wallet Mk3

Harry Robson Instant Reset Wallet Mk3
Our Price:  £45.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£37.50 Exc. VAT)Earn 45 Loyalty Points Worth 5p Each To Spend On A Future Purchase.



No stock available, click notify me above.

Saturn Magic Note: The video above is for the MK1 version please see the image and description below for the MK3 being sold here.

Our bonus page for this item is now live showing you a complete routine for ring to car keys using Ring Flight Revolution and then finishing with ring to envelope using this wallet. The password is the part number on your invoice.

After the successful launch of the instant reset wallet, even though the overall comments were excellent one or two customers did say the quality of the leather could have been better. Also the configuration of the inside of the wallet for accepting bank notes. We have taken all of that on board and working closely with the manufacturer have produced what we feel is an exceptional wallet.

Coupled with David Bonsall manufacturing custom size envelopes for this wallet along with hard plastic slides for easier loading we now have what we consider the perfect wallet.

Improved leather quality
Smoother loading action
Smaller envelopes (medium from dave bonsall) specially manufactured
Hard plasic loading devices
Large leather flap for notes money etc
Plenty of compartments for credit and business cards

Now with no gold corners that are shown in the image.

It's here, it's in stock now, get yours before it's too late!


Don't just take our word for it, here are a few comments from Matthew Wright:

I was lucky enough last night to finally get my hands on the much anticipated Instant Reset Wallet by Harry Robson. It was well worth the wait.

Firstly, the quality of the wallet is second to non and exactly what you would expect coming from both Harry.

It is small enough to fit in a front or back trouser pocket yet big enough so that it won't get lost if you prefer to load into your inside jacket pocket. That makes this the perfect wallet for all occasions. It looks like an everyday wallet and can be used as such with plenty of room for credit cards and notes. 

The loading area is huge and makes the job much much easier than many other wallets on the market and it designed to allow you to very easily incorporate the amazing Bonsall envelopes which means that the card to impossible location just became that little bit more impossible. The card appears inside a zippered part of the wallet inside a sealed (even wax sealed if you like!) envelope.

But that isn't all. The really new and unique point is what this wallet allows you to do next.

The name "Instant Reset" wallet doesn't really do this thing justice. This is a NO RESET wallet. This wallet allows you to have a card appear inside an sealed envelope, inside a zippered compartment, inside a wallet. You then put the wallet away (or I think it is definitely possible to even put it down on a table) you can then IMMEDIATELY vanish the card again and have it appear inside the wallet, inside the zipper inside an envelope! And you can repeat this as many times as you like (within reason).

This wallet opens up SO many presentational ideas. They say never repeat a trick twice, well this wallet allows you to do that instantly whilst making the effect even stronger. If you are a working pro jumping from table to table and having a de ja vu plot isn't the way you like to go then this wallet allows you to simply walk to the next group and perform the card to envelope in wallet with absolutely NO RESET.

This wallet is designed by a real worker for use in the real world. For many many years I have been a huge advocate of the "Real Mans Wallet" and have carried one with me every day. Today I will not be carrying one. Today I am carrying The Instant reset Brilliant.

Matthew Wright


A dvd showing how to use the Mk3 wallet is no longer included but we do send you a copy of the one made for the MK2 version, the MK3 is very similar in operation and looks very similar to the MK2.

This is a very good wallet it's the one I use at every opportunity to perform ring in sealed envelope in wallet.

The wallet is actually designed for card to wallet, but by buying the slightly bigger envelopes which fit just fine you can do rings or any small object to wallet as well.

I can't say enough about how pleased I am to be able to stock this wallet Harry is one of the nicest people you will meet and he has worked really hard to bring us this fantastic wallet.

I start off my routine using Ring Flight Revolution and then perform ring in sealed envelope in wallet.

The 2 routines added together have had me re booked for other parties on the strength of these alone.

The one thing with both these items is that they are not cheap but you will use these and the reactions will tell you it was well worth the expense.

I always say a £10 trick is expensive if it sits in your drawer unused with these you have something that you will perform.

One final thing, you must buy special envelopes to go with this wallet, some are included and details are enclosed where to get them from. The reaction you will get from this trick will well outweigh the cost of the envelopes, I even use legal seals on mine to make everything that little bit more impossible.




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