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Run Playing Cards: Heat Edition

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ISOLATED Lite - Signed Rubiks Cube in Jar by Kieron Johnson

ISOLATED Lite - Signed Rubiks Cube in Jar by Kieron Johnson
ISOLATED Lite - Signed Rubiks Cube in Jar by Kieron JohnsonISOLATED Lite - Signed Rubiks Cube in Jar by Kieron JohnsonISOLATED Lite - Signed Rubiks Cube in Jar by Kieron Johnson
Our Price:  £99.99(Inc. 20% VAT)(£83.33 Exc. VAT)Earn 99 Loyalty Points Worth 5p Each To Spend On A Future Purchase.

“Very direct and practical. I can’t wait to use it in my show!” - Henry Harrius 


Isolated Lite is Self Working No Cube Solving Skills are Required.


What is the difference to the full set?

Isolated Lite is a slimmed down version of the full Isolated made with RD Cubes, it has less cubes and other components supplied than the full set making it more affordable and self working for those that don't have any cube solving skills and just want to do the self working version.

You can buy Isolated Lite with or without the new Isolated Shell for those that already own one.

Isolated Lite can be performed without a shell but using one really does add that extra dimension to the routine.

In the tutorial you are taught how to do the self working version, the trailer shows Kieron's routine using cube solving skills if you want to learn that version please buy the full set.

If you already own Isolated this is not a new method, this version is slimmed down to keep the cost more affordable and you now have the option of buying with the Isolated Shell. If you already own a shell you are happy with you do not need the Isolated Shell.

Object to impossible bottle is THE most talked about trick in magic. It sends audiences spinning.

Dynamo did it with a phone, Jamie Grant became a staple of Ripley’s Believe it or not by putting a deck inside a bottle. Now Kieron Johnson is changing the industry by putting a signed rubiks cube in bottle.

We’ll repeat that again. A spectator’s SIGNED rubiks cube to impossible bottle. 

Even with the power of 10,000 suns, it cannot be taken out. Let them shake, rattle or spin it to their heart’s content. It’s trapped for good.


"Kieron has evolved the cube in bottle effect to create a powerful weapon in cube magic." - Takamiz Usui

Like Isolated will, Cube magic is taking the world by storm lately, appearing on every major TV Talent show in some form or another. The hard part is finding one that hasn’t gone viral. 

Audiences know how difficult solving a cube is, so instant solves are impressive… but their cube appearing trapped in a small glass jar is literally MAGIC.

In over 2 hours of extensive explanations you’ll learn Kieron’s many ways of fitting this easily into a routine. A true worker, he performs this multiple times at every walk-around gig to every single stage appearance. 

The cube gets into the bottle in seconds and is 100% examinable. 

In the set:

1 x RD Cube in Jar Gimmick

1 x RD Cube

9 x Spare white stickers

Optional: Isolated Shell, buy with or without.

“Isolated is a perfect example of Kieron’s deviously creative and yet obviously practical approach to performing with a Rubik’s Cube.” - Karl Hein

In this jam-packed project you'll be able to take your first leap into the world of cube magic. Or for seasoned pros, finish with a climax that isn't just impressive, it's impossible. 

We didn’t believe it, until we saw it.

Become a cube convert.

Get ISOLATED today.


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