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PeekSmith Three V3 USB C by Andras Barthazi and Benke Smith
PeekSmith Three V3 USB C by Andras Barthazi and Benke Smith

PeekSmith Three V3 USB C by Andras Barthazi and Benke Smith

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This is the latest Version 3 with upgraded USB C charging port.

What is PeekSmith?

PeekSmith is a palmable peeking device that also fits in a card box or in the several accessories our partners are offering. It was made for magicians by magicians. It has a high resolution 160px x 80px color screen, that can display text and simple graphics, also a vibration motor and an accelerometer.

It can connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth LE, so applications can display information or send vibration patterns. The three buttons (side, left and right) can work as inputs for the applications.

The mobile device has to run a mobile app (iOS or Android) that has PeekSmith support, or the app should provide a web URL the PeekSmith app can poll. The built-in battery lasts for several hours (active usage) and can be charged via a micro USB port.

PeekSmith 3 can also connect directly (without a phone or any device) to other Bluetooth devices, for example Kinetic and Spotted Dice. 



Supported Apps (at the time of listing this item on our website 30/11/2021)

PeekSmith currently has native BLE support for the following apps:
  • A.C.A.A.N. (by Benke Smith)
  • Calculon (by Benjamin Budzak)
  • Cognito (by Murphy's Magic)
  • CubeSmith (by Benke Smith)
  • DiceSmith (by Benke Smith)
  • iDeal (by Darryl Rose & Myke Phillips)
  • iTHUMP/Toxic+ (by Ian Pidgeon) * Bluetooth in-app purchase required
  • Novus (by Teguh)
  • PeekSmith (official free companion app)
  • Superhero Domino (by Benke Smith)
  • TimeSmith (by Benke Smith) this app will also allow Kinetic Mental Dice to display.
  • Vision and Vision:Tricks (by Martin Eisele)
  • Direct connection to Kinetic Mental Dice

List of other magic apps that have a WEB-based PeekSmith support via URL polling:
  • Inject 2 (by Greg Rostami)
  • iUnlock Elite (WebApp by Badasha Khan & Myke Phillips)
  • PasscodeChecker (WebApp by Badasha Khan & Myke Phillips)
  • SCI (by Steven Ng)
  • SimpleDraw (by André De Mattos)
  • WikiTest (by Marc Kerstein) * Pro Tools required

More app support coming soon...

Here is the list of other magic apps that will have PeekSmith support soon:
  • Mental Painter (by Benke Smith)
  • LockSmith (by Benke Smith)
  • ESP Test (by Benke Smith)
  • Card Detector (by Benke Smith)

 The PeekSmith companion app is FREE, but later it might get some features that would require an in-app purchase.

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