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Revelation Gum by iNFiNiTi

Revelation Gum by iNFiNiTi
Our Price:  £29.99(Inc. 20% VAT)(£24.99 Exc. VAT)Earn 29 Loyalty Points Worth 5p Each To Spend On A Future Purchase.



Low stock, ready for despatch

“This is the Holy Grail of chewing gum magic!”Henrique Mislec
(creator’s magician friend trying to boost sales)

“WOW! Your tongue technique is amazing, will you come home with me?” - Drunk female spectator from Birmingham

Imagine being able to perform an impossible miracle with a piece of chewing gum you have in your mouth.

This is real WTF, street-style, 100 percent off the cuff, fast, FRESH, visual, no-nonsense, funny as f**k, as-organic-as-it-gets eye CANDY that will get your spectators STUCK on you.

During what appears to be a demonstration of unbelievable sleight of mouth or magic powers - in just a couple of chews you are able to mould a PIECE of  ‘borrowed’ chewing gum into something totally ridiculous like a smiley face, birthday message, superhero or funny insult.

Or, combine this with your favourite card trick and you’ve got one JUICY revelation on your hands that they will never ask to examine!

Revelation Gum sure won’t change the world of magic but it is an awesome little EXTRA something to have in your pocket.


Super duper easy.

All you need to supply is a mouth nothing to prepare.

Nothing to reset. 

"Borrow" their gum (or use your own!)

Tasteless & Chewable gimmicks (Not to be swallowed!).

Can be performed naked.

No threads.

No magnets.

No rough & smooth.

No electronics.

No arts and crafts.

Includes x8 hand-made silicone gimmicks that resemble REAL chewed gum.

+ 30 minutes of online tutorials, routines, fun ideas & tips.

Safety Note: Silicone rubber is classed as non-hazardous and is inherently non toxic, but please take care not to swallow the gimmicks.

Please watch all of the online tutorial before using.


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