Green Dragon Playing Cards (Standard Edition) by Craig Maidment

Green Dragon Playing Cards (Standard Edition) by Craig Maidment£13.86   £5.54

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Scramble by Kieron Johnson and Mark Traversoni

Scramble by Kieron Johnson and Mark Traversoni
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Special Pre-Order Expected To Be Released 25/01/2035

This is a Free product available now see below for details.

If this is your first visit to Saturn Magic welcome, if not welcome back.

Kieron Johnson and Mark Traversoni work for us and collaborate to bring out some of the worlds best commercial magic.

No cube solving skills required.

Only 1 cube.

No memory work.

No switching.

This is self working.

Scramble is a result of many hours of brainstorming to produce an effect that is so easy to do yet so powerful in the eyes of the spectator.

You ask your spectator to mix up a Rubik Cube and before we go any further you need zero cube skills to do this.

When they are happy mixing you tell them to keep the cube hidden from your view, you never see the cube, yet you are able to make a drawing matching the colour pattern of the one side or more if you wish with 100% accuracy.

This is self working and requires no memory work.

The effect is amazing so you may ask why we are giving this away for free? The reason is we felt we could not charge for something where you need to basically buy what you need from a normal shop. This is a normal item you can buy but you can use it in a magical / mentalism way.

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