Green Dragon Playing Cards (Standard Edition) by Craig Maidment

Green Dragon Playing Cards (Standard Edition) by Craig Maidment£13.86   £5.54

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Spotted Dice by Benke Smith and Andras Barthazi

Spotted Dice by Benke Smith and Andras Barthazi
 Spotted Dice by Benke Smith and Andras BarthaziSpotted Dice by Benke Smith and Andras Barthazi 
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Note: The item for sale here is the new style 2022 19mm spotted dice and charger. The images and video shown are of the older 16mm version. The new style function just the same as the original version.

Welcome to Spotted Dice & the DiceSmith app... it's time to roll the dice!

What are Spotted Dice?

The "Spotted Dice" set is the product of András Bártházi. Basically it is a normal looking 16mm dice set, with a special Bluetooth-enabled electronics insode the dice. We have designed them to look and feel like ordinary dice used with board games, with 4+1 designs to choose from:
  • white die with black spots
  • black die with white spots
  • red die with white spots


The price of the 3 pieces Spotted Dice set also includes the FULL version of the DiceSmith app.


Spotted Dice do not have their own thumper it uses vibrations from your phone or visuals on screen to tell you the information you require, you may also want to consider the optional PeekSmith display.


About the DiceSmith app

"DiceSmith" is a magic app developed by Benke Smith for Android and iOS. The app is intended to work with Spotted Dice and also with Mental Dice / Kinetic Dice sets of Marc-Antoine. The number of magic routines and customizable options will grow in time, with the help of the dedicated Facebook community.

Spotted Dice are also comparable with the TimeSmith Watch and App and can be used to set the time of the watch.

The free version of DiceSmith is now available. It will feature a few simple routines and settings, so you can try if the app works with your dice set. 

What makes the Spotted Dice unique?

There are several connected dice available on the market, but we think our dice will be a unique offer. Spotted Dice have Bluetooth connectivity without a thumper, look like regular 16mm playing dice. In addition, the dice have a sensitive motion sensor, which will enable unique new routines never seen before. And of course, the dice are available in 4 colors, plus we'll offer a blank white spotless version as well. Our pricing is competitive, the charger for 3 dice is included in the price. While we recommend having PeekSmith but you will get peeking options without investing in other devices.

Included in the set.

1 Red, White and Black die.

1 Charging plate.

1 Usb cable.

1 Full version of the DiceSmith App.


The TimeSmith Watch is not included, we have them here.