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Supernova by Duane Williams

Supernova by Duane Williams
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​Saturn Magic bonus video included for those buying from us which will make Supernova even more amazing, with ideas from Mark Traversoni and Kieron Johnson.

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Please Note flash paper is not included and due to shipping restrictions we can not ship it by airmail. If you are in the EU there will be a shipping by road option at checkout you can select if you wish to order flash products, our standard flash paper works well for this.


Supernova is a 3-phase modular miracle, plucked straight from Duane William's working repertoire.


  1.  Make a SOLID 8 Ball appear from a burst of flames. 
  2.  Vanish a signed coin.
  3.  Explode the 8 ball to find the signed coin trapped inside. 

The magic that Duane creates always tops the best-seller lists. Dimension, Revive etc.

Why? Because Duane only creates practical magic.  

Before working here at Ellusionist Duane was a full-time, boots to the ground performer. He's seen it all. From hecklers to jaw-dropping runaway reactions.

He knows how to hand-pick and perform ONLY the most powerful tricks for his audiences. 

Supernova is his closer... He saves the best, for last. 



With Supernova, you produce a very real 8 ball in a startling burst of fire. 

Then..You vanish your spectators signed coin from your fingertips. 

With a sudden explosion the inspected 8 ball disappears into space, with the signed coin dropping from it's core.


Engineered to balance perfectly on the scales of visuals vs practicality, each Supernova package contains a real 8 ball and the gimmicks required for the full performance. Flash paper is not included and can be purchased separately here. (Buy Flash Paper)


Own Supernova TODAY.

FUN FACT - During the first performance on the trailer the blonde-lady interrupted the trick to try and book Duane for an event... and that was after only seeing the appearance. The next two phases turned her from a soft enquiry to a confirmed client. If Supernova did that for you only once, it would pay for itself 10x over. 



There is no clothing requirements for this, apart from you needing pockets to hold and switch objects. Supernova comes with 50 performances worth of materials and refills will be available. Pool balls come  a couple of different sizes so I opted for the smaller size. I hope that helps Smile