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Vino Presage: The Wine In Mind Book Test by Mike Maione and Brett Barry Svenpad
Vino Presage: The Wine In Mind Book Test by Mike Maione and Brett Barry Svenpad
Vino Presage: The Wine In Mind Book Test by Mike Maione and Brett Barry Svenpad
Vino Presage: The Wine In Mind Book Test by Mike Maione and Brett Barry Svenpad

Vino Presage: The Wine In Mind Book Test by Mike Maione and Brett Barry Svenpad

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"This book test is on another level. With so many options, my mind is spinning from how I am going to use this. The psychology theme of wine stains is one of the most original that I’ve ever seen."

VINO PRESAGE IS A TOUR DE FORCE BOOK TEST. Wine meets mind in this FULL-COLOR book test like no other! What could be a more engaging crowd-pleaser than a playfully readable wine guide penned by a distinguished psychiatrist & sommelier?

VINO PRESAGE is a masterful pairing to get into your audience's heads. Our boldest blend is the world's first wine themed book test. VINO PRESAGE is like no book test you've ever seen, with a delightful structure and backstory: an esteemed Doctor's guide to his favorite vineyards - incorporating some "free association" psychological games to encourage food for thoughts. 

Reveal a well-known bottle & vintage of a wine the spectator is thinking of. Know a free-form image they created in their mind.Reveal a word they freely chose. Know the winemaker and the name of their best friend. Reveal "word associations" that two people are merely thinking of. Know the tasting notes and characteristics of their chosen vino + even more!  

VINO PRESAGE flows with over 60 expertly-crafted Rorschach "wine stains" that will spark your spectator's imagination. Every abstract wine page reflects a palette of mind-reading possibilities. 

Our powerful new psychological revelation features are guaranteed to take your performances to delicious new destinations! The WINE IN MIND book itself is filled with abstract images which folks will interpret uniquely. The fun part is friends and couples might view the same wine stain in totally different ways— one might spot a butterfly's wings, somebody else a dog's nose or ears, and yet another might see a heart or alien. What we each see is in the eye of the beholder and projected onto the page. It's about perspective. 

Yet the performer WILL always know all. She will seemingly SEE through her participant's eyes into the unconscious - revealing thoughts known only to the participant. Finally, performers have a classy & innocent new vintage to swirl and slay audiences – with a subject (wine) that nearly all adult audiences will enjoy.

VINO PRESAGE IS A PREMIUM TOOL! We refused to settle (like many do nowadays) with a carbon copy of typical book test features. We didn't want to do a far less costly black & white book (which wouldn't look realistic for a wine guide), or cut back on the number of glossy pages to save money. The goal was to create something innovative for the mind and the eye, and we felt that shaving costs for this book would compromise our vision for something NEW and exquisite in a book test. We made a 5 year effort to do this wine book the classy way- and when you hold this in your hands and flip through the pages you will notice the quality instantly. 

Discover 200+ supple pages (cut imperceptibly long & short to 1/32') with countless photos. We hired a skilled watercolorist to compose over 60 imaginative & gorgeous Rorschach wine stain illustrations. We then wrote every single wine review from beginning to end - all accurate. Next, we asked our longtime manufacturer to use the best high gloss paper, intense inks, and gorgeous UV ink book covers. The outcome? Breathtaking and opulent to behond! VINO PRESAGE was crafted with the same "made in the USA" meticulousness and originality that made our SvenPads® world-renowned.

VINO PRESAGE isn't just for wine lovers - it's perfect for any mystery performer. Audiences will be awestruck by what's cloaked behind this innocent "wine guide" - a tantalizing book test that has a mix of both popular and high-end wines. But wines are only part of the story. So pour your audience a glass and get ready to explore many cool new routines, imagery, reviews - and perhaps even flex your wine knowledge.


Sip your way into the imaginations of your audience with a yummy new way to serve up a book test, with cool forcing methods and multiple revelations. Like all our releases, you'll be quickly up and running with VINO PRESAGE.


  • FULL-COLOR guide to over 60+ wines from all over the world
  • Glossy UV-coated covers
  • Over five years in research & development
  • From the team that brought you the groundbreaking CELEBRITY PRESAGE books!
  • Reveal a freely chosen wine bottle, vintage year, and taste/flavors
  • Forced wine is YELLOW TAIL MERLOT
  • Reveal a freely chosen wine stain for a revelation or drawing duplication
  • Know the name of a chosen WINEMAKER, the setting, and even the name of his best friend
  • Reveal a freely chosen word (WikiTest Words)
  • Both the force pages AND non-force pages allow revelations
  • Reveal TWO random thoughts concurrently (from two helpers) using our new "free association" WORD PLAY game
  • Reveal a challenging word from the wine review photo captions
  • Force a page at will using our famous PPNS
  • Force a page using our highest precision Svengali
  • 27-page PDF with detailed explanations and MANY routine ideas!
  • Extra subliminal downloads, Digital Force Bag text, and artwork for revelations
  • WikiTest words crib sticker included
  • Built-in secret cribs within the book itself
  • Snugly fits in a back or jacket pocket (8 x 5.5")
  • Over 200 pages


VINO PRESAGE is a richly structured book test with "legs" (the wine kind) that will stand up to the closest scrutiny. If you're already familiar with our famous Celebrity Presage books, you know some of the techniques—but we guarantee there's even more in store.  

"Easily the most BEAUTIFUL book test ever created."

"There is so much thought that has gone into Vino Presage. There are countless possibilities for performance variations. It doesn't feel like a trick but an interesting book that I would pick up in any bookstore. It checks all my boxes. That means that I'll be adding it to my arsenal of killer effects right away! I've already had a chance to try it out here in the land of wine (Italy), and it blew folks away. I love it!"

"VINO PRESAGE is first class from its ideas to the premium paper stock. Its pages are exquisitely printed and thoughtfully designed, and it offers a backstory that gives it so many interesting presentation options. This extraordinary creation is the Swiss Army Knife of book tests. So many different things you can do with one book! Whether you perform magic or mentalism, you will be blown away."


"This is another winner from Mike Maione and Brett Barry! Vino Presage is a powerhouse of effects in one single beautiful book! You can do a 12 minutes act just with it!”

"When I see something new and brilliant in the magic world, I sometimes laugh - not because it’s funny, but because it is simply brilliant and how it will blow audiences' minds. Today I was laughing big time. I knew this book would be great, but after getting a personal walk-through today, great doesn’t come close to how brilliant this is! VINO PRESAGE looks so innocent - as though it belongs in the homes of many in our audience."

"Vino Presage is incredible. Love the concept and it's total brilliance. This is making it straight into my cruise ship shows.

"One of the best produced book tests I have ever seen. Best quality, using multiple principles that will fool your audiences badly!!!”  GERRY McCAMBRIDGE                                                                                                                      

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