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SvenPadŽ KoD Euro A4 Stage Size (Single) - Trick

SvenPadŽ KoD Euro A4 Stage Size (Single) - Trick
SvenPadŽ KoD Euro A4 Stage Size (Single) - TrickSvenPadŽ KoD Euro A4 Stage Size (Single) - TrickSvenPadŽ KoD Euro A4 Stage Size (Single) - Trick
SvenPadŽ KoD Euro A4 Stage Size (Single) - TrickSvenPadŽ KoD Euro A4 Stage Size (Single) - Trick
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In stock ready to despatch.

The SvenPadŽ KoD Euro A4 Stage Size offers a larger palette of possibilities for those who perform on a stage or cabaret theater. As used by many of the UK's top mentalists and magicians, including John Archer!

This notebook looks EXACTLY like the kind of European notebooks you could find at a Tesco shop in London!

Designed with the generous feedback and help of some of Britain's top magicians - the idea was to get the genuine look AND FEEL of a standard A4 Euro notebook.

British A4 notebook paper is in fact a totally different color compared with American lined paper (bluish) - and the A4 size is also unique and familiar to those in Europe.

We guarantee that these SvenPadsŽ will pass all scrutiny.


Yet with these custom made SvenPadsŽ, as always, you know EVERYTHING before your show has even begun!

The lined paper inside looks and FEELS simply perfect and is CUSTOM PRINTED by us to be thicker for far better handling and no bleeding (if used as per directions).

The stage size has the same incredible precision long/short cuts that you've come to expect, but in the largest format offered. They are easy to handle and a delight to use! The durable glossy covers are free moving and not glued or bound. For TV or stage/parlor use, this is the ultimate SvenPadŽ.

The exciting and new stage size SvenPadŽ offers the largest format we make, with a SIDE spiral binding. These look exactly like store bought spiral bound pads and utilize proprietary "Spira-Glu" binding technology with 40 sheets of lined paper per pad and free moving covers.

The amazing middle glued seam is 100% invisible - and it appears the spiral is holding the binding together, which is just an illusion!

The SvenPadŽ KoD represents a quantum leap in the world renowned SvenPadŽ lineup. There is nothing else in the world quite like it.

Force ANYTHING on ANYONE with ease. Concentrate on your presentation, not your props!

Behold the pad you've known since childhood, but reborn as an incredible SvenPadŽ. Built from scratch, from the ground up, with an all-new SPIRAL binding that (oh so innocently) hides the forcing secrets within.

NO hype. NO exaggerations. NO expense has been spared in creating this ultimate SvenPadŽ. This is the best and easiest handling SvenPadŽ of the entire lineup - you will FEEL the difference immediately.

SvenPadŽ KoD took months of painstaking development to create the world's first "Spira-Glu" binding, combining our custom printed LINED PAPER (heavier) with a double-glazed center spine - hole punched - collated to precision - then cosmetically spiral bound for a perfect "illusion" of an ordinary memo pad.

You won't believe it when you hold it, as you cannot see the center glue holding everything perfectly!

The SvenPadŽ looks like an ordinary memo pad from your favorite office supply store, but beneath its innocent exterior discover one of the world's most powerful forcing utility devices.

With your stage size SvenPadŽ KoD in hand, you can create hundreds of effects in ANY language. This is the cleanest way to force ANY piece of information (or more) that you choose. It is simple, deceptive and hands-free! There is NEVER any heat on your pad!

You casually show all the pages of a notepad to be different (words, drawings, celebrities, destinations, foods, phone numbers, etc.). Then, you hand the SvenPadŽ to a spectator to secretly peek at just one item. Somehow, the performer INSTANTLY knows exactly what she is thinking. Focus on your effect - not your methods!

Use it to predict a celebrity, reveal a PIN number or ideal for pre-show. The SvenPadŽ removes any risky or impractical methods and allows you to focus on your presentation, safe in the knowledge that the method WILL NEVER let you down.

The SvenPadŽ is easy to carry yet plays big, no matter what the environment is. The multitude of effects possible make it a must-have accessory for any magician and mentalist.

The quality of the SvenPadŽ is exceptional. All the short edges are insanely precision trimmed to less than 1/45 inch!

Each pad is then hand-inspected and tested before shipment to insure perfection and exact tolerances.

To the naked eye, the difference in page sizes is imperceptible and is supplied blank so that you can customize it however you like. Each package comes with full instructions and a phenomenal custom SvenPadŽ routine by the late master mentalist, Bob Cassidy.