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Open Triple Switch Wallet OPTS Wallet by Sven Lee

Open Triple Switch Wallet OPTS Wallet by Sven Lee
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Opts Wallet stands for Open Triple Switch Wallet.

The Opts Wallet is based on a simple, easy and yet extremely deceptive switching move. You can perform the switch openly in the palm of your hands. You can switch upto 3 items at a time. It is a triple switching wallet. Items like playing cards, business cards, tarot cards, billets, photographs, coins, poker chips, stamps, tickets, credit cards, bills, mini envelopes etc can be switched.

As a basic example, you can predict 3 playing cards freely and randomly chosen by 3 different spectators from a borrowed deck, using Opts Wallet.

What you get in the package is the Opts Wallet (black color) itself along with 2 'misdirection' cards and 2 black poker sized 'double' envelopes. Also included 5 killer routines. Of course the number of routines or uses of Opts Wallet is limited only by your imagination.

Size of Opts Wallet is 4.5"x3" made in black imitation leather with solid construction to last you a long time.

Applications of Opts Wallet are many. You can of course use it as a switch wallet which is its primary purpose. Other than that you can also use it as a 2-out to 6-out prediction wallet. You could also use it as a 12-billet pocket index.

No moving parts, no electronics, no magnets, no threads

The 5 routines included are

1. Triple Prediction
2. Coin Coincidence
3. Lucky Dollar
4. Life Choice
5. Killer Koincidence