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The Cube & Cube PLUS (Gimmicks & DVD) Bundle Deal by Takamitsu Usui

The Cube & Cube PLUS (Gimmicks & DVD) Bundle Deal by Takamitsu Usui£64.53   £35.00

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Mastermind Thought Reader Transmitter Wallet

Mastermind Thought Reader Transmitter Wallet£29.99

Around The World Mind Reading Deck

Around The World Mind Reading Deck£14.99

Fruity Revelations by Warren Singer

Fruity Revelations by Warren Singer£9.99

Double Cross from Magic Smith

Double Cross from Magic Smith£46.00

Ultimate Nest of Wallets by Saturn Magic

Ultimate Nest of Wallets by Saturn Magic£29.99

Lynx SMART Smoke Watch by Joćo Miranda Magic - Trick

Lynx SMART Smoke Watch by Joćo Miranda Magic - Trick£359.99   £224.99

Ultimate 4 Card Trick

Ultimate 4 Card Trick£14.99

Free Bonus Pages

These pages are provided for the benefit of our customers to give them extra tips or handlings for items they have purchased from us.

Please do not ask for access if you did not buy from us as a refusal often offends.


The passwords are the part number for the item shown on your invoice or email order confirmation you were sent.

At Saturn Magic we like to think we do more than just sell you an effect and leave you to it.

Mark Traversoni, Saturn Magic's owner, is a Member of the Magic Circle and a full time working pro and also advises other magicians during the development of their tricks.

With his performing knowledge and creative skills he often comes up with ideas to make a tricks better or easier to use and set up.

The number of Bonus Pages is growing as we come up with or find bonus ideas and tips.

To access a bonus page you will need a password, each one is different and is the part number for the item that will be shown on your invoice.

If you have lost your invoice log into your account where you will find copies of all your invoices available to view.

*** Live Bonus Pages ***

Ice Qube

Absolute Zero


Lynx Smart Smoke Watch


Murray Mint The password for Murray mint is the last 2 words written on the back of the sleeve in red without any spaces or capitals.

Bill To Marker



Nailed It

Unexpected Triumph

Street Thief

Pickpocket Passport


Phantom by Peter Eggink





Re-Maxed Iceolation

Paragon 3Sixty


Lynx Wallet

Fair Play


Water Works


The Switch


Pocket Bizarre


Perfect Open Prediction




Ultimate CD Prediction

Self Bending Paperclip


Traffic Bugs


Alcatraz Box

Haunted 2.0

Animate and Restore

Extreme Burn

Harry Robson Brainwave Deck

Phantom Knife

The Hawk

Harry Robson Instant Reset Wallet

Ring Flight Revolution


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