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Card Scarf Evolution by Mark Traversoni
Card Scarf Evolution by Mark Traversoni

Card Scarf Evolution by Mark Traversoni

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The New Card Scarf Evolution is here:

The two videos below the animated video of the new scarf show the old version, the new one works in the same way but has had an upgrade in look and materials used.

The Card Scarf is the ultimate magicians friend!

You instantly have an extra 6 pockets you can use without bulking out the jacket or coat you are wearing.

The shape and design of the scarf is such that it sits below your jacket or coat giving you more pocket space.

Over the years I have spent a lot of money having pockets added to my jackets, the Card Scarf is the simple cost effective answer to having extra pockets available instantly.

If you use a Harry Robson Instant Reset Wallet you can keep the wallet in your jacket pocket and the refill envelopes in the scarf, this way the envelopes are right there next to the wallet to be reloaded.

The scarf is made of lightweight material and can be rolled up and stored in your close-up case.

Each pocket is approx'  10-11cm wide by 11-12cm deep, big enough for a deck of cards.

2 pockets are on one side and 1 on the reverse, you can twist the scarf around to reverse this if required.

Each scarf is approx 180cm long.

The scarf is secured by tucking the ends into your trousers and can be shortened to lift up higher by shortening around the neck area.

Now made in the UK.




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