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The Switcher by Mark Traversoni

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Bicycle deck? Omni Deck? Phantom Deck? Back In Time Deck? 

                        The Switcher makes deck switching natural and easy.

Being able to switch a deck smoothly and confidently opens up so many doors for ANY performer - beginner and pro - letting you perform some unbelievable effects - yet it's a move which still causes some magicians anxiety. 

For years Mark Traversoni has been switching decks but he's never been entirely happy with existing methods and teachings - so he created his own - a really simple and practical solution that brings any standard deck in and out of play, eliminating any awkward moves, pro-longed misdirection and fumbling.

The Switcher is extremely easy to install in various pocket at a moment's notice. Ergonomically designed to securely hold up to a full deck of poker sized playing cards in or out of their box, its 'open' design gives you fast and direct access to the cards you need when you need them, allowing you to focus on your presentation without fear of being caught red handed.

The Switcher is a simplistic utility device that comes with Mark's super easy yet expert handlings in an online tutorial so you'll be switching decks like a smooth operator in no time.


Mark also revisits his two other fears from when he started doing magic; loading a Card To Wallet and attaching a ring onto a Ring Flight - providing some handy tips for beginners or the more experienced which will inspire you to start performing these classic effects you've been putting off for so long.

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