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HOODOO (Haunted Voodoo Doll) by iNFiNiTi & Mark Traversoni

HOODOO; 1. voodoo · 2. bad luck · 3. a person or thing that brings bad luck Are you ready to raise some hell? The classic Okito Haunted Doll effect is back… with a vengeance... nightmarishly resurrected by Mark...

HOODOO: The Return by iNFiNiTi

...person your spectator is thinking of. This has got to be the most messed up thing in magic. Black Magic? Hoodoo: The Return, comes with TWO Voodoo Dolls: The first doll is haunted (gimmicked like the original) so...

Hoodoo the Return 60 Seconds

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About Us direction, pushing the boundaries with three more enchanting releases; The Willy, COiN Artist and Hoodoo. He is now the beating heart of our Product Development Department. 2024: Saturn Magic is now one of...

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