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Zero Gravity by Mark Traversoni (The Hydrostatic Glass Routine)
Zero Gravity by Mark Traversoni (The Hydrostatic Glass Routine)

Zero Gravity by Mark Traversoni (The Hydrostatic Glass Routine)

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Finally, Mark Traversoni is sharing his very own tried, tested and trusted hydrostatic glass routine that he’s been performing in his show for over 10 years…. a true miracle in itself as he doesn’t look old enough!
Zero Gravity is perfect for socially distanced live shows with no spectator required on stage and Zoom or online performances.
“It’s time to add a touch of ‘glass’ to your Hydrostatic routine”
Unlike most existing versions on the market, Mark’s uses real glass. That’s right, REAL GLASS, and he’s giving you the same luxury.
No more cheap plastic that scuffs easily and looks dodgy - you get a choice of a PINT or WINE glass that resemble those you’ll see lining the bar and tables at the events you perform.
Simply grab a glass, chime it to get everyone’s attention and enjoy watching them react to Zero Gravity: The perfect stage, cabaret and parlour effect for both children and adults.

If you’ve never performed a hydrostatic glass routine before then this is the perfect place to start. It is a true classic of magic that combines science with astonishment.


The basic effect involves filling a glass with water and placing a piece of card on top.


You then turn the glass upside down showing everything suspended and then remove the card… defying gravity as the liquid remains in the glass and will only fall on your command.

In typical Saturn Magic style, you’re getting everything but the kitchen sink to perform this routine out the box, including:
  • The choice of a specially-adapted Pint glass or Wine glass
  • The Zero Gravity Gimmick
  • Transparent plastic water container (which doubles up as a glass carrying case protecting your glass in transit - design may vary)
  • ​Some postcards to get you performing in minutes
  • Expert handlings and Mark’s full stand up routine that you’ll be performing in minutes
                      …All you need to supply is your own water!