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Versa 2 Remote by Thoughtcast
Versa 2 Remote by Thoughtcast

Versa 2 Remote by Thoughtcast

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Note the video above shows the old button version see photos for the new look metal buttons.

Introducing the Brand New Metal Button


The best remote ever made for Magicians and Mentalists

Versa 2 has brand new buttons. These are all metal buttons, that will never* fall out, break, chip, or malfunction. Plus, each button has a satisfying tactile click, and a comfort touch enamel coating, making them even easier to press.

Versa 2 now supports even more smart watches. Fossil* and Kronaby* watches now join the SB/TimeSmith watch and the Turner Watch* as watches you can control directly from your remote, no phone required! Plus, you can set force times and trigger them right from the remote!

If you have been looking for a little remote that packs a big punch, look no further than the Versa Remote from ThoughtCast Magic!

The Versa remote is the only handheld remote of its kind with a flesh-tone color and fingerprint texture, perfectly camouflaging it into your hand. While most remotes are black, ours is the only one you can conceal in your hand and your spectators will never be able to tell you are holding anything at all. Flash your hands empty, they won’t ever see it!

Plus, the Versa Remote features 15 buttons, in two different configurations. Now, with a nine button number pad and a five button directional pad, you can choose the right layout and configuration for the app you want to use it with, and switching is as easy as rotating the remote. Because there are 15 buttons, you can now program an entire alphabetic keyboard into your palm. This allows you to make bare handed predictions that are not possible with any other remote this small.

The Versa Remote can to connect to both the SB watch and Turner Watch directly with or without an app, plus the Versa Remote includes support for both Kronaby and Fossil smart watches. 

The new Versa remote can perform a book test**. That’s right, its the remote that has a book test built into it. Ask your spectator to pick any page, line, and word number from a book, and key that in, and the Versa remote will type that word into whatever device you are connected to. This works with whatever app you have open, no special apps needed. The versa book test currently supports Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone and David Penn’s Pi Revelations book test, but support for a multitude of other books are on the way.

Plus, with vibration feedback, force time support, 50ft range, 8 hour battery life, and an easy to use web interface to customize the button actions, a 1 year warranty, and complimentary emails support, the Versa Remote is the only choice for the serious performer looking to take the apps and magic they already perform to a whole new level.


Versa FAQ

How does this new Versa (Versa 2) remote differ from the old Versa remote?
Versa 2 now has 15 buttons compared to the original 10. In two distinct configurations (3x3 grid and directional pad), you can use it easily to input to all your favorite apps and supported devices!Versa 2 also has a directional sensor, so you can trigger various actions just by tilting the remote in any of its axial directions (left, right, etc).


Versa 2 has various button presets, so you can set a preset button pattern and load it on demand, making it even more versatile to switch between a remote for a specific app, then to a media remote, and back again.*


Versa 2 has a book test mode. Imagine making a prediction in the notes, email, or any other normal app on the iPhone, then asking them to look at any word on any page of a book. Then, you turn your phone over and that word is in your prediction. No special apps, the Versa 2 handles it ALL!


*feature in development and will be available as a free update


Does it work with the Turner Watch?
In short, YES...Because their watch uses the same generic bluetooth communication protocol as other watches, it (in theory) will work with the Versa Remote. However, the support is not guaranteed as they have not shared with us any specifics of the communication protocol nor have they given us any help in development of our remote.


If you are looking to perform with a watch, we reccomend the SB Watch/TimeSmith watch, which features an open protocol and full support. You can get TimeSmith watches in a combo with a remote in one of the options below.


What is the button configuration for numbers?
There is a 9 button number pad at the top of the remote, so out of the box the buttons send a-i on a short press and 1-9 on a long press. The middle most button is j on short press and 0 on long press. These buttons can be completely customized via the remote configuration.


How loud/quiet are the button presses and vibration motor?

The buttons emit very little, if no noise whatsoever. The vibration motor makes a small sound but, in normal ambient noise environments this would not be heard or detected.

How big is the remote?

It's small! From its widest point it measures 2 3/8" x 5/8" x 7/8" (approx 60mm x 23mm x 15mm)

What is the range

With most iPhones, the remote can work comfortably in about 30ft of range. We are still testing the range with various magic watches and other magic bluetooth peripherals.


*because the Turner Watch is discontinued, and because both Fossil and Kronaby have no official developer support, these watch's support is currently in beta.

**Book test currently supports Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and David Penn's Pi Revelations. More books will be added in the future. 

***battery life tested in typical conditions, your battery life may vary depending on your usage scenario. 


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