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Reborn (Compact) by Kieron Johnson and Mark Traversoni

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The video above shows the full size Reborn, Reborn Compact does the same but has one pocket only allowing you to carry up to 2 ice cubes.
Reborn Compact is built of the same materials and is insulated to the same specification as Reborn but is more Compact in size.
The Reborn Compact Holder is approx 110mm wide, the Original full size Reborn is approx 200mm wide.
Reborn Compact will hold up to 2 cubes of ice in it's single pocket.
Saturn Magic Presents
REBORN (Compact)
Created by Kieron Johnson and Mark Traversoni
You are about to enter a New Ice Age in Magic.
For centuries, our magi-tribe has been obsessed with creating new and impossible moments. In recent times, one half-man-half-wizard Kieron Johnson has led us on a journey through the elements in breaking down all barriers of what we perceive as possible.
This so impossible you have to see it to believe it.
​Reborn can go in the oven at 100 degrees for 30 minutes and the ice will survive.
​The hottest it has ever been on earth is 56.7 degree in 1913 in Death Valley - so you could even do this at any gigs you get there.
In the beginning there was To The Max and Element; turning scorching flames into frozen ice using nothing more than our bare hands. Reborn Compact is the latest evolution in Ice Magic. We’ve taken the original Holder and adapted it to suit the growing demands of you ice-warriors. Imagine being able to carry double the amount of ice, for TWICE as long with NO ADDITIONAL pocket space required. The new devICE is a must-have upgrade for any worker looking to take their seamless ice production to the next level, and, the weapon of choice for any magician looking to perform something truly breathtaking that they’d never thought possible - fire into ice. This is as close to real magic as it gets.
The adaptions of Reborn Compact
*Secret access to up to 2 blocks of ice on demand
*Enhanced insulation keeps ice for up to 4 hours
*Bespoke design means it's always hidden and comfortable to wear
*Use as utility device for switching in and out other items
But… Reborn is way more than just the perfect ice producer
You’ll not only arm yourself with the most versatile hold-out known to man that has been years in the making, you’ll gain access to Kieron’s wonderfully-warped mind as he and co-creator Mark Traversoni take you on a much greater journey of:
-How to produce ice with and without fire
-Sleeving ice
- Non Sleeving techniques Included
-Flash paper tutorial
-Time Triumph Cube routine
-Chop cup routines
-Egg Production
-Lolly pop production
-Thumb fires
-Mental balloon bursting
& more
As modern day magic evolves, we magicians must battle to stand out from the crowd. 
This is survival of the trickiest. 
Welcome to the Dawn of a New Ice Age. 
Arm yourself with Reborn.


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