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Saturn Magic Live 11th February 2024

On This live:

Unboxed, Triple;e X, Celebrity Packing cards, Vascular Spell, King Con, Mesika Ring Flight, Bricked, Portrait, Double Crossed and more

Saturn Magic Live 4th February 2024

On This live:

Showcase 2.0, Bangarang, Industrial Revelation, Magic Button, Get Smarty, SnowFlake, Flash Trix, Exective Pad, Discovery  and more

Saturn Magic Live 28th January 2024

On This live:

Hip Pocket Mullica, Puzzle Ring, Silver Brass Buttons, Deadman's Hand, Swiper, Hyper Bent, Tornado,  and more

Saturn Magic Live 14th January 2024

On This live:

Linking Dice, Pocket Mon, Bubble Ring, Mario Boom and more

Saturn Magic Live 7th January 2024

On This live:

Appearance, Nostradamus, Jumping to Conclusions, Pop Money, Prism Plus, 52 Cheetah, Color Extraction,  Attraction, Clock Spell, Flick it and more

Saturn Magic Live 17th December 2023

On This live:

Reborn, Mental Voice, Movie quiz, Art Prediction, Blaze 2, Spike Teleport, Sweet Bill, Ultimate Out of the World, Vitrine, L Bell, Long Salt Pour, Air Dice and more

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