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Flat Earth Vanish by Lonnie Lyerla

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“A gimmick so cool it was worthy of being demm’d in space”
It’s lift off for Lonnie Lyerla’s Flat Earth gimmick which will go straight into your normal deck, allowing you to vanish card corners, disappear small coins and transpose ink in a way that’s so fast, clean and visual it’s out of this world.
Available in Red or Blue Bicycle, it comes with full online tutorials teaching you a number of super-sonic effects including:


Vanishing a card’s corner and making it appear anywhere you want, like in an orange, frozen inside an ice cube or under a soda can that’s been in view of your spectator the whole time.


Moving ink from the back of one playing card onto your spectator’s signed card - or - back in your pen so you don’t waste ink.


Vanishing small coins and re-appearing them in impossible locations.

The Flat Earth gimmick comes ready made so there is no DIY.
It hides in your normal deck and takes up very little space.
The full online tutorial shows you not only how to use the Flat Earth gimmick but how to easily make more.
Once you know the baffling principle you can easily make your own gimmick in decks other than the Rider Back design.
The vanishes look super-massive-clean and unlike sleights such as ‘Fake Takes’, ‘French Drops’ and ‘Shuttle Passes’ etc there is nothing to hide in your hand or ditch in your pocket because everything is hidden in plain sight.
It’s time to believe in Flat Earth and add space-time-like vanishes to your repertoire!
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