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Saturn Magic Presents Ice Qube by Kieron Johnson & Mark Traversoni
Saturn Magic Presents Ice Qube by Kieron Johnson & Mark Traversoni
Saturn Magic Presents Ice Qube by Kieron Johnson & Mark Traversoni

Saturn Magic Presents Ice Qube by Kieron Johnson & Mark Traversoni

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Our bonus page for Ice Qube is now live here, the password is the tutorial password




The Holy Grail of Ice Magic has arrived!


This is Ice Magic at it’s best!   Vanish a signed coin and have it appear in a block of ice!  The impossible is now possible!    Ice Qube cracks the code!


For 5 years Kieron Johnson has been searching for the Holy Grail of Ice Magic. Inspired by the works of Max Mallini and other great magicians, Kieron’s ultimate aim has been to have a coin signed (or any small object like a ring or card corner) and actually have it appear inside an ice cube.


3 years ago he discussed the idea with Mark Traversoni and together they began working to create the impossible.


Years of collaboration, testing and refinement now brings you Ice Qube - the ultimate impossible location where the spectators signed coin is inside an ice cube.


Yes, you read it right, the signed coin is actually inside the ice cube, you can show it on all sides before they break it open to find their coin actually inside the ice. You never touch the ice or bag after you’ve handed it over to be smashed!


No switches


No duplicates 


This is TV magic for the real world


This is so simple a child could do it


If you can vanish a coin, using any method, with a box, cloth, other device or method you can do this effect.


Using Kieron’s proven methods for making and transporting ice you can travel for hours with the ice before you need to perform with it whatever the weather.


When in your pocket the ice will last for a considerable time before you need to perform with it.


Kieron and Mark explain the Ice Qube routine and secret and also include a bonus routine that fits perfectly with the Ice Qube plot of item to impossible location.


~ Perfect for every table or top table ~


~ Perfect for close-up, parlour and stage ~


Other variation possibilities are discussed utilising larger objects and ice.


This is a high impact effect which gets amazing jaw-dropping reactions.



Included in the package:


Online tutorial link.


Ice Qube Gimmick, manufactured in the UK from high quality materials.


Performance carry pouch (colour may vary).


Other items required to help you transport your Qube’s and perform the routine.



Not Included:


Coin vanishing gimmick (use your favourite method - various ideas discussed in the tutorial)


Cool bag, flask or similar item to transport your ice.


Hammer to break the ice (supply your own or use another item that suits your style)


We know people will want to perform this on TV, just as Richard Jones (the winner of Britain's Got Talent) & Jamie Raven runner-up did with great success with some of Kieron’s earlier works. 


For these reasons we have reserved the TV rights because this effect is so strong. Please contact Saturn Magic for TV performance enquiries.