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1st and 2nd Edition Facsimile (The Unabridged Book Test) by Michael Daniels
1st and 2nd Edition Facsimile (The Unabridged Book Test) by Michael Daniels
1st and 2nd Edition Facsimile (The Unabridged Book Test) by Michael Daniels
1st and 2nd Edition Facsimile (The Unabridged Book Test) by Michael Daniels

1st and 2nd Edition Facsimile (The Unabridged Book Test) by Michael Daniels

(VAT Free)
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Saturn Magic Note: This is without a doubt the very best book test we have ever seen. It's easy to do and the books can be read like a normal book, it's truly is amazing.
Following on from the success of the first 3 books we have now added 3 new ones.  There are now 3 pocket size books and 3 Stage and Parlour sized books to choose from.
ONCE UPON A TIME there was a Book Test that ticked every box. That time is now.
Facsimile (from Latin fac simile, "to make alike") is a copy or reproduction of an old book, manuscript, map, art print, or other item of historical value that is as true to the original source as possible.
By Dictionary Definition, Michael Daniels has created a book test so genuine, it’s as close to ‘real’ as you’ll ever get. 
Three world famous Books; Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and Time Machine have been so meticulously and deviously reproduced your audience will truly believe they are originals. 
Facsimile is quite simply the book test with a real book. You have the opportunity to perform MULTIPLE word revelations on ANY Page of one book, two, or even all three. This is as close to ‘fair’ and ‘random’ as it gets.  
The basic three-word effect with the original 3 books is as follows:
Offer a member of your audience Frankenstein, The Invisible Man or The Time Machine. If you’ve got all three then let them select ANY book they like.

Flick through the book and get them to say STOP anywhere they like and instruct them to remember a word on the page. Without any fishing or memory work, you will know the word they have in their mind and reveal it however you wish.
Just in case your audience suspect you did something funny as you were holding the book, hand it to them and let them choose ANY page they like. Instruct them to remember a word on the page. Once again, you know the exact word they are thinking of.
And, if that’s not all, you can even divine a THIRD word on the same page, different page or even different book! You’ll know instantly the word they are thinking of. 
During phase two or three, you can even predict their chosen word using an envelope that has been in play before they have even opened the book.
  • Perform with one, two or three books
  • Examinable before, during and after
  • You can read the whole novel from cover to cover!
  • No duplicate pages or Svengali principle
  • No forces - a totally free choice of page
  • No fishing
  • No memory work required
  • Can be performed without you handling the book
  • Learn within minutes
  • Suitable for stand-up and close up performances
  • More advanced options are taught where you can use minimal fishing and minimal memory work for some presentations.


Included in the package is the book or books of your choice and online instructions.


Original First Edition Books.


The Time Machine is approx 107mm x 175mm x 7mm with 95 pages.


The Invisible Man is approx 152mm x 230mm x 10mm with 154 pages.


Frankenstein is approx 152mm x 230mm x 15mm with 220 pages.


2nd Edition Books.


The 39 Steps is approx 107mm x 175mm with 111 pages.


The Sign of Four approx 107mm x 175mm with 123 pages.


The Hound of the Baskervilles approx 152mm x 230mm with 173 pages.


The 2nd Edition Books can be used in conjunction and mixed and matched with the 1st Edition.


Note from Saturn Magic

Facsimile: The Unabridged Book Test really is a thing of beauty and comes with our highest recommendation. It’s the perfect product for beginners who have always steered clear of this type of effect and more profound mentalists looking to perform multiple word revelations in the fairest possible conditions with the least amount of work, allowing you to focus fully on your presentation.
Perform Facsimile with up to 6 books. The smaller books fit in your jacket pocket and are fantastic for close up performers and walk-around.
And upon discovering Facsimile, Mentalists and Magicians performed happily ever after.
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