Saturn Magic

Split Playing Cards by HP

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(£12.49 Exc. VAT)
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15 split faces or backs are provided for use in gaff or gimmick making.

Many effects require you to split a playing card and the products tutorial may even shows you how....

But however easy it looks, for most people it's impossible to achieve a split properly with good results.

Now you can buy a range of playing cards ready split for you in a number of options!

Before you choose your option you need to understand how a card is made.  There are 3 layers in a Bicycle Card:

  • a back
  • a face
  • a centre glue layer.

Choose the option you need:

15 x Random Selection of Face Cards with Glue layer

15 x Random Face Selection of Cards without glue layer

15 x Red Backs with glue layer

15 x Red Backs without glue layer

15 x Blue Backs with glue layer

15 x Blue Backs without glue layer

15 x Custom Cards as requested 

The random selections of cards will be exactly that - 15 random cards from the 54 in a deck.

​The card shown in the image above (to show the quality of the split achieved) is not a standard option we offer but they can be made to order. 

​Special orders available on request.

Note the cards are split by hand and packaged, you will be required to sand and prepare your cards depending on the end use and press them to ensure a nice flat finished card.