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Rainbow Card by Higar - (Use with the Modern Z Fold Quiver Patrick Kun)

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Rainbow Card, also known as the Phantom Card, is a special design gimmick that can appear in the photo from a borrowed phone. There is no special app involved. This is to be used in conjunction with our new Quiver Modern Z Wallet Pro (not included) for the best result or any wallet with a poker size card window in.

Available card options are 8H, 7S, and a NEW torn corner of 10S). We chose all of these card options for high visibility to maximize the impact.

The NEW Torn Corner version of Rainbow is available exclusively and is originally designed by Patrick Kun. With this version, you can tear and vanish a corner of a card. The spectator later opens up the photo and finds out that a corner of the same card appears. To prove that it's the exact same card, you zoom into the photo and the corner aligns perfectly with the photo.

Rainbow is essentially self working, just take a photo of the black card with your phone with the flash on and you will instantly see the result. Online instructions included.

The videos below show the Modern Z Wallet with the Rainbow Card installed the wallet is not included and is available separately.