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Connected by Kieron Johnson
Connected by Kieron Johnson
Connected by Kieron Johnson
Connected by Kieron Johnson

Connected by Kieron Johnson

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by Kieron Johnson
Now includes the Close up Connected Wipe Clean Chart you can use close up or on stage without the flip board.
Connected can now be used with Insight only with no need for an iPhone or Insight App.
Connected works with Illuminati products.
Guess Who? Is one of the most popular board games of all time, and this year it’s celebrating its 40th birthday. If you had a normal childhood like us then you’ll have countless happy memories of playing with family members and trying to guess your opponent’s person by asking a range of simple questions, like does your person wear glasses.
Connected is a brand new effect that combines Guess Who? with comedy mentalism - a truly magical fit. In typical Guess Who? fashion, you’ll get a spectator to pick a totally free choice of person from a pack of specially made large cards. Of course, using the secret method you’ll know instantly which person your audience member has picked which is a miracle in itself…. But you don’t want to end it there! Bathe in a sea of laughter and confusion as you ask a variety of silly questions that don’t bear any relevance to the rules!

Is your person a vegan?
Did they once sing in the school choir?
Were they extremely overweight as a baby?
Have they recently shaved off all their hair?
…The possibilities are truly endless, and you can take the questions as far as you want depending on your performance style and audience. The true beauty of Connected, is that, regardless of what answers they give, when all this hilarious nonsense is out the way… you ALWAYS end up with the right person - and in their eyes, that, is a true astonishment. How!?!?!?
Connected uses the cutting-edge technology of INSIGHT by Hugo Shelley. If you already own INSIGHT or then you’re able to purchase the Connected Set as a fantastic add on. If you don’t, then you can purchase INSIGHT with Connected from us in one great package. 
Update: We have also been shown that Connected works with Illuminati Magic's product, but you will have to set the cards to work with the extra features of your reader if you want to use them.
INSIGHT is not a cheap toy, it’s one of the most advanced mentalism tools around that is used all over the world by countless stars to perform serious mind reading miracles. And now, you can combine this deadly weapon with the hilarious nostalgia of Guess Who?… something your audience are going to absolutely love as you take them on a laugh-a-second minute back to their magical childhood.
Connected is without doubt a beautifully light-hearted sentimental routine that is guaranteed to connect and capture the imagination of your entire audience as they play along. Perfect for stage and cabaret, this is exactly what magic should look and feel like. Get connected today.
The set includes
A genuine Guess Who board with character cards installed.
Special large size character cards ready to use with protective card case.
​Menu Style Chart (for use without the board). 
Dry Wipe Marker.
An envelope to hide the chosen card.
(All Contents Colours may vary)
TV Rights Not Included
Connected is an add on to be used with Insight by Hugo Shelly or the Illuminati Range, you cannot use Connected without Insight (Original, ESP or Pro Versions) or Illuminati product.
Insight also has an App which is Kieron's preferred way to do this but it only works with an iPhone only.
No iPhone or no App - No Problem
​A handling is included where you do not need to use an iPhone or app, you can use the vibrations from the Insight Reader.
If you already own Insight you just need Connected and it will work straight out of the box.
If you don't own Insight then check bundle it with Insight ESP version and Connected together.


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