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Tell The Truth (App and Remote)

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A fantastic app and a remote that works with iPhone.
The remote only now also works with Android when configured using the Octopus App.

Get ready for TELL THE TRUTH! 
All of the fun of the classic Lie Detector Helmet, made into an iPhone app that fits in your pocket, plus a unique and versatile remote that lets you control the laughs WITHOUT TOUCHING YOUR PHONE!
With a smash hit response at MagicFest and orders shipping all over the world, Tell the Truth is the comedy tool that fits right in your pocket, and is ready to go with you all the time!
Here's how it works: you tell your spectator about a brand new lie detector app on the app store and open it up, showing how it detects truth or lie by analyzing the micro fluctuations in someone's voice. Then, you ask them some questions. Like:
What is your name?
DING! It’s the TRUTH!
What is your hair color?
DING! It’s the TRUTH!
Have you ever farted in a room and blamed it on someone else?
BUZZ! It’s a LIE!
Because it's an app, you're not limited to just two choices! You can cause the dreaded Pants on Fire lie, or, if the spectators lie is big enough, it will crash your phone completely (both literally and figuratively, but it’s only an illusion and no harm is being done)!
Plus, it works on both iPhone AND iPad, so it will play to a small group or a big audience!
And, if that wasn't enough, you can even control the fun from your Apple Watch*, or even control the app when THEY download it onto THEIR PHONE!*
The Remote Control does SO MUCH MORE….
Do you own a magic app that uses swipes on the screen to secretly code information into the app? 
The Tell the Truth remote works with ALL OF THEM!
App and Remote use is limited to iOS iphone owners only.
Android users can only use the remote when configured using the Octopus Android App.
Yes, it works with The Turner Watch, Inject, Wikitest and Magicall, in fact it works with any app requiring swipe inputs, including custom swipes or taps.
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