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Christmas Bandana 2023 by Lee Alex - Trick
Christmas Bandana 2023 by Lee Alex - Trick
Christmas Bandana 2023 by Lee Alex - Trick
Christmas Bandana 2023 by Lee Alex - Trick

Christmas Bandana 2023 by Lee Alex - Trick

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Even SMELLS like Christmas!

The Christmas Bandana 2023 measures approximately 20 x 20 inches (50cm x 50cm) and features TWO 'NO SNAG' POCKETS making switches and transformations easier than ever.

The secret pockets in the Christmas Bandana 2023 allow you to exchange items at ease. Display the bandana empty on both sides and fold it into a bag. One item placed within the folds of the bag can easily transform to another item previously hidden in the SECOND pocket. After the transformation the bandana can once again be shown to contain nothing!

Comes complete with FOUR gingerbread cookie characters and accessories.

Show one or both characters to be undecorated, plain cookies. Place the character into the folded bandana, add "buttons" (red and green pom poms) and "frosting" (white ric rac). Now work your magic and show the gingerbread character has become magically decorated!

With TWO pockets you are able to easily force TWO items to the same or different spectators!

Who's been naughty, who's been nice?

The Christmas Bandana 2023 can also be used for your regular devil's hank effects - produce and vanish items.


Measures 20 inches x 20 inches (50cm x 50cm)

Purpose printed silk satin fabric

Features concealed buttons to help find the pockets with ease

Unique design made from a single piece of fabric for extra strength

Includes 4 cut out gingerbread cookie characters (boy & girl, "plain" and "decorated")

Infused with gingerbread essence to awaken your festive senses*

Video instructions

Written instructions with ideas for routines

* Elements of the Christmas Bandana 2023 are infused with essence to put you in the festive mood.

Gingerbread scent:

TOP NOTES: Sweet ginger
BASE NOTES: Caramel, vanilla, brown sugar essence

Essence applied at time of packing. The strength of the scent upon opening may vary.

Essence contains 0% alcohol.