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Celebrity Deck (Marked) by iNFiNiTi
Celebrity Deck (Marked) by iNFiNiTi
Celebrity Deck (Marked) by iNFiNiTi
Celebrity Deck (Marked) by iNFiNiTi
Celebrity Deck (Marked) by iNFiNiTi

Celebrity Deck (Marked) by iNFiNiTi

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Introducing the first deck in the iNFiNiTi Marked Deck Series...

 Celebrity Deck by iNFiNiTi


What’s cooler than revealing a spectator’s playing card? 

Revealing a spectator’s playing card AND CELEBRITY.






A beautifully illustrated and deviously marked deck of 54 celebrity playing cards.


Each card pipped and indexed - so the Celebrity Deck is also a Normal Deck.


Famous females on red cards (hearts & diamonds) and males on black cards (spades & clubs)… for a killer ‘ Gender Out Of This World’.


Modern day and relevant living celebrities only - we’ve got another deck for the deceased; Dead Famous Deck dedicated to the likes of Elvis, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe.


The perfect tool to force a celebrity for your favourite reveals, like Revelation Gum, Magicall, Phantom Artist and COiN Artist. 





Not ONE, but TWO powerful reveals.


Instantly know the celebrity they have picked AND the card suit/value from the back of the card.


Huge, glorious, clear markings - devilishly camouflaged. 


Can be read from up to 3 metres away (average eye sight)




Bonus Cards included:
-Double Backer
-Double Facer
-Baby Gag card


Bonus Routines included:

No peeking - without looking - have ANY celebrity card picked and returned to a deck shuffled by your spectator - you ALWAYS know the card

The perfect companion with Magicall: The Fake Call App For Magicians - have ANY selected celebrity ring your mobile phone - completely under your control!


Are you ready to Become THE Celebrity Magician?
Grab your Marked Hall Of Fame Playing Cards Now!

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