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Triple X by iNFiNiTi New for Blackpool 2024


Triple X will be on sale on our website after Blackpool date to be confirmed. Limited stock at Blackpool.

Also Coming Soon Revelation Mint


Paul Bond
09 February 2024  |  21:25

Hi Mark,This looks a great release, do you need a few packets already setup or can this be reset with a new label.This will obviously sell out at Blackpool so will you have plenty of stock when it’s officially released.many thanks Paul.

09 February 2024  |  22:22

The label needs replacing each time which is quick to do. There are various options. We don’t have a date yet for release after Blackpool.

Andrew Tingley
17 February 2024  |  13:12

Can we pick up now if not going blackpoool

19 February 2024  |  8:44

We hope to get it up on our website as soon as possible after Blackpool.

Peter Hopkins
20 February 2024  |  21:33

When will the labels be on the site?

21 February 2024  |  13:00

We are finalising them at present so don't have a date yet, but you can just print your own or buy packs of mints and use the label on Amazon you can get 40 packets very cheap.

Phil Fitzpatrick
22 February 2024  |  10:53

just knew i should have picked one up at blackpool ,

22 February 2024  |  11:03

We just sent you an email as we have a small amount here, but not enough to launch properly on our website.

Douglas Carr
22 February 2024  |  19:29


22 February 2024  |  21:29

Please contact us at present we nay have a few left which is not enough to launch it on the website.

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