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BABEL Book Test (Book 2 large paperback / 600 pg) by Vincent Hedan - Trick
BABEL Book Test (Book 2 large paperback / 600 pg) by Vincent Hedan - Trick

BABEL Book Test (Book 2 large paperback / 600 pg) by Vincent Hedan - Trick

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Imagine a normal-looking book allowing you to perform miraculous mind-reading demonstrations. You don't touch anything, you don't even look, and yet you can read the spectator's mind and reveal his thoughts in impossible ways.

The novels in the Babel collection have been carefully designed to have devious features allowing you to present easy yet strong mentalism.

Divination and memory demonstrations, for close-up or stage, for one or more participants: everything is described in the detailed 68-page digital instruction manual. You'll also receive an 18-page bonus section, featuring ideas from other users of Babel, exploring new territories thanks to this versatile tool.
In total, you'll discover 10 effects, covering 28 principles and ideas.

ALL the novels in the Babel collection allow you to use ALL the principles and effects. You just need to choose the book that is best for your situation. Maybe you'll like a title or cover more for your style, maybe you'll prefer a thin paperback for close-up, or a bigger, thicker book when you're on stage. You can decide which book is best for you.

Of course, you can buy several different books in the Babel collection. The spectator will be able to choose freely between the books you present to them; it won't matter because, to you, they're ALL the same, so you'll always be able to perform your routine with the freely chosen book.

If you are a book test beginner, Babel will allow you to learn many principles separately, so you can master this tool at your own pace. If you are a seasoned professional looking for a solid tool, you'll be able to combine your favorite principles into a unique routine, specifically tailored to your needs.
I'm sure you will all benefit from adding this weapon to your arsenal, and I hope you'll enjoy using Babel as much as I did in the last ten years.
Now it is your turn to fool and entertain your audience with this impossible book test.