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How to Solve a Rubik's Cube

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Mark takes a look at this months top 10, talks about  other new releases and tells you how he learned to solve a Rubik's Cube.

My cube solving notes: Middle layer - verbal moves Away Up Back Down. Find the tile in top layer that needs to be in the middle and move it so it matches a centre tile, see which way the tile needs to move to be put into place, it will be left or right. Rotate the top layer away from that direction, then the row where it needs to go up, then the top layer back to where it was and the town you moved up goes back down. This is repeated for all the tiles needed to make up the middle layer. If no tiles are in the top layer that you need then all th pieces are in the middle layer but in the wrong places, just do the moves and a top piece will come down and replaced by a middle one and you can proceed.

Yellow top cross notes: FUR U'R'F' If you have a number of yellows on your top layer see if you can make a straight line horizontally or a backwards L in the top left, if you don't have either do these moves anyway and it will appear, repeat until you see the yellow cross. Once you have the yellow you need all the centre tiles to match the middle side pieces. if I have 2 that match I turn the cube so they are at the back and to my right meaning this next move will switch the left side and front middle. RUR'U RUUR' If no pieces were in the correct place or they are still not there repeat ensuring you move any correct ones as mentioned above.

Final top corners: If you can find a square that is in its correct corner turn that to bottom right towards you. If there are more than one ensure the bottom right is one of them. Do this until they are all in the correct place, not necessarily in the correct orientation. L'URU' LUR'U' . You now have corners in the right place but they all or some need twisting in the correct direction. Turn the cube so a corner that needs rotating is bottom right and do R'B' RB repeat these 4 moves until the piece returns to its position in the correct way, it might take 2 of 3 goes. When its correct ignore the mess of the rest of the cube rotate the top layer so the next piece that needs twisting is bottom right and do the moves again, when this piece is correct repeat with any others, when you have done them all the cube will be solved.... Easy!

Dennis Dexter
14 May 2018  |  14:25

Superb Mark,many thanks.