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Saturn Product Reviews

Welcome to the Saturn Product Review page.


The production quality is now much better, so please excuse numbers 1-11!

These are in date order (number 1 is the oldest) so when the list gets quite long you may find it easier to use the search function.

Click the item you are interested in to watch the review.

21. Dealer Dem Product Review 2 Featuring The Prediction with Rob Stiff, Go Change by N2G, Mini Chop Cup, Packet Killer and Spring Animal Raccoon and Fox.

20. Dealer Dem Featuring Ultimate Magicians Finger Set, Third Hands, Spring Skunk and Matchbox Penetration Illusion.

19. The Card Scarf by Mark Traversoni


18. The Switch by Shin Lim

17. Imagination Coins by Garrett Thomas and M-Case by Mickael Chatelain

16. The Box by Mark Southworth

15. Pocket Bizarre by Peter Eggink


14. Live perfromances of Haunted Doll by Rogue, Inferno by Joshua Jay, Change by Sands Minds, Porthole by Darryl Vanamburg and Photo Shock by Jay Sankey.


13. Envylope by  Brandon David and Chris Turchi                                                        


12. No Diary Diary by Chris Congreave

11. Uprising by Richard Sanders

10. Remarkable by Richard Sanders

9. Ultimate CD Prediction Kit

8. Ace and Turbo Stick by Richard Sanders

7: Phantom Knife by Richard Osterlind

6: Self Bending Paperclip

5: Hand Picked Astonishments Invisible Deck

4: Hand Picked Astonishments Thumb Tips

3: Hand Picked Astonishments Card Forces

2: Phantom Deck by Joshua Jay

1: Tiny Plunger by Jon Armstrong