1221 Mix of Cube Cards by Kev G

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MAGNET-0 by Henry Harrius & Armando C

MAGNET-0 by Henry Harrius & Armando C
 MAGNET-0 by Henry Harrius & Armando CMAGNET-0 by Henry Harrius & Armando C 
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Magnet-0 pronounced Magnet Zero is very easy to perform, the more we look at this the more we like it.

Imagine this: A borrowed signed coin is placed on top of a sharpie cap and is covered with an ordinary glass.

Under such impossible circumstances, you are still able to move the coin on demand!

Everything is EXAMINABLE at the beginning and the end and the only solution your spectators left thinking is that you really do have PSYCHIC POWER!

Thanks to the ingeniously designed gimmick, you can walk FAR AWAY from the coin and yet still have a 100% CONTROL on when you want it to happen.

No magnets or thread.

It is so easy and reliable that you can focus all your attention on your acting and presentation.

With the TIME DELAY OR INSTANT OPERATION FUNCTION, you can even perform totally HANDS-FREE!

Various ways to present this trick are shown.

You can move the coin with your camera, your shadow or even perform on zoom shows.

Magnet-0 is a gimmick that packs super small in your pocket but plays BIG for close up or even parlour situation. And the best part of Magnet-0 is that you have the ability to let your spectator be the magician and do the trick themselves.

In Armando C.'s SIGNATURE ROUTINE, the spectator will experience a rich routine with lots of built-in jokes and gags.